Create business value faster

As a technology service provider (TSP), your mission is to help your customers solve business problems with technology. The challenge is implementing ideas in the market before your competitors. Gain an edge by packaging your solutions with the one IT requirement no one can avoid: backup and recovery.

With our BlackVault Managed Recovery services, you can offer your customers all the benefits of enterprise-class cloud infrastructure — even if they’re in a regulated industry. BlackVault enables you to quickly build into your solutions multiple availability windows with contractual service agreements.

Let your IT resources focus on business-building projects. We’ll handle the requirements of vaulting data and running recovered production systems. Rest assured that your customers are in good hands. Our BlackVault portfolio is required to meet federal information security laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. You’ll share with us all the compliance risks, controls and costs of recovering to an alternate site. This leaves enough margin to make the solution profitable for you.

BlackVault Managed Recovery

  • Data protection and vaulting
  • Recovery
  • Archive
  • On-site appliance

Other Available Services

Mobile Recovery Centers
  • Delivery within 24-48 hours
  • Eight floor plans to choose from
  • Multiple connectivity options
Business Recovery Centers
  • Colocation
  • Workspace
Network Recovery
  • Satellite
  • Wireless point-to-point
  • Hitching post
  • 4G cellular
Voice Call Recovery
  • Voice over IP
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Flex Voice
  • Tier 1 voice recovery
  • 4G cellular
Hardware Recovery (Quickship)
  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Printers/fax machines
  • Routers
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Scalable enterprise infrastructure
  • Cloud hosting
  • Virtual data centers
Cloud Storage
  • Secure portal
  • 7.2K nearline Tier 3 storage
  • Unlimited users
Managed Firewall
  • Gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Web content filtering
  • Intrusion detection/prevention
Real Time Analytics