Hardware Recovery (Quickship)

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To survive a significant business interruption, you must have a plan to provide backup office technology to your workforce so they can continue their daily operations. In addition, your business must have access to equipment to restore your critical backup data.

Many businesses consider an internal recovery strategy so they can maintain as much control of the recovery process as possible. However, due to the constant evolution of technology, this solution is expensive and time-consuming.

As the nation’s leading vendor for business continuity and disaster recovery technology, we specialize in hardware availability and logistics. Our Quickship solution meets your need for immediate access to backup technology, while helping you save on the overall expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment.

Quickship also allows you to control the recovery process, giving you the ability to make a disaster declaration at any time — no matter the situation — and decide which assets to use. Upon a disaster declaration, we deliver and support the required equipment.

Quickship features

Dependable delivery
  • Company-owned distribution centers across the nation
  • Infrastructure necessary for meeting your delivery time frame
  • In-house fleet of trucks, vans, tractors and trailers — all dedicated to recovery purposes
  • Nationwide equipment delivery within 24 hours
Equipment imaging
  • Storage of your software images for desktops, laptops and servers
  • Ability to refresh your images when necessary
  • Efficient in-house setup and installation of images to meet your recovery time objectives
  • Delivery of hardware loaded with your specified images upon test or disaster declaration
On-site support
  • Nationwide staff of trained technicians available during any test or disaster
  • Configuration and delivery of predetermined hardware upon declaration
  • Assistance with setup, networking and support
Available technology
  • Intel servers
  • Desktop PCs
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Fax machines
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