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Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning is a vital part of your ability to remain operational in the event of a business interruption. Our professional planning services help you meet your specific BC/DR objectives, whether they involve modernizing your current BC/DR program, developing a new plan or meeting compliance requirements.

Business continuity as a service — Business continuity as a service (BCaaS) is a complete managed service for organizations that wish to outsource the development and administration of their business continuity program. We will provide the expertise and resources required to manage the entire business continuity planning and cloud DR process.

Program management — We establish a status-reporting schedule to apprise you of all current and upcoming events and address any concerns you may have during the process.

Business continuity preparedness assessment — The business continuity preparedness assessment provides you with an objective third-party review of your current business and technical environment relative to your BC/DR preparedness based on FEMA's PS-Prep requirements.

Data storage analysis — Data storage management is critical to the success of recovering each business process following a disaster. Using what we call the Data Continuity Model, we offer an assessment of current and future data storage needs, application storage usage, application data recovery planning, storage architecture, and cloud storage and disaster recovery.

Business impact analysis — Our business impact analysis (BIA) helps you understand how interruptions affect business functions. We define your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and prioritize the recovery of your business units, applications and supporting technical infrastructure.

Technical risk assessment — Our technical risk assessment provides an evaluation of the risks facing your technical environment from a business continuity perspective. After we identify your business’s vulnerabilities, we make recommendations for mitigating those risks.

Recovery strategy options analysis — Based on the results of the BIA, we conduct an analysis to identify various recovery strategy options.

Business continuity planning — Using the core data you provide, we develop a concise, informative and executable BC plan, minimizing the involvement of your resources.

Tabletop exercises — We work with you to develop and execute tabletop exercises to test both business and IT recovery, so you can identify areas in your plan where details need to be modified or enhanced.

Recovery test management — We help you develop, schedule and perform tests of the BC program, including recovery team deployment, task execution, and the recovery of business units and your supporting IT infrastructure.

Training and awareness — Upon completion of your BC plan, we provide training and awareness workshops to educate both business-unit-level employees and senior management.

Disaster management — During an actual event, we work with your disaster management teams and DR coordinators to help manage your recovery. The success of your recovery is dependent upon a consistent testing regimen.

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