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Today’s business leaders recognize that business continuity extends beyond a traditional hot site. The human element of business continuity requires flexibility and a workspace for employees to perform daily tasks.

Most companies that lose sight of workforce continuity fail after a disaster or large business disruption because employee relocation expenses produce a heavy financial burden and recovery time objectives are not met.

Our Mobile Workspace solution allows you to eliminate relocation expenses, concentrate on recovering locally and minimize downtime. User workstations include office equipment, technology and data and voice connectivity to help you communicate with your customer base. The Mobile Workspace can be deployed to multiple sites and includes internal services for transport, setup and support.

Features and Floor Plan

Every company has unique recovery needs. Our mobile trailers have a floor plan that is configured to meet your workspace requirements. All of our services are fully testable.


  • Workspace for 50 users
  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Personal workspace and chairs


  • Office printer
  • Laptop or desktop PC
  • On-site VoIP phone system

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Rentsys Recovery Services provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. We offer professional planning services along with fully customizable and testable solutions which include communications recovery, mobile recovery, quickship technology, colocation, managed data and cloud services and business recovery centers. These solutions can be combined to provide organizations with the ability to fully maintain regular business functions during a disaster.

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