Mobile workspace

To be effective, your business continuity plan must account for the human element by including a work area recovery strategy. Unfortunately, giving employees access to the tools and workspace they need to perform daily tasks can often be time-consuming and expensive if it involves relocating to a facility out of town. This is why many businesses adopt a work-from-home strategy. However, having employees work from home has challenges of its own, whether it’s VPN bandwidth limitations, cybersecurity risk or the lack of in-person collaboration.

Our Mobile Workspace solution allows you to reduce or elimate relocation expenses, concentrate on recovering your business locally and minimize downtime. It can be deployed to multiple sites and includes internal services for transport, setup and support. User workstations include office equipment, technology and data and voice connectivity.

  • Workspace for 50 users
  • Laptop or desktop PCs
  • Monitors, keyboards and mouses
  • Office printer
  • On-site voice over IP (VoIP) phone system
  • Hitching post connection
  • Satellite communications
  • Wireless connection to client site

Mobile Workspace

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