Mobile recovery centers

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When your primary facility is inaccessible, where will you resume business operations? A fixed-site facility can be a sound strategy, but it isn’t always feasible — maybe the location is inconvenient or the configuration doesn’t meet your needs.

Our Mobile Recovery Center (MRC) workspace solution is ideal for flexible work area recovery. Because MRCs are designed to meet the transportation requirements of a tractor-trailer rather than a structural building, they can be delivered to any location in the continental U.S. within 24 to 48 hours of a disaster declaration. MRCs can be configured with a variety of floor plans to suit your needs.

Your company will be able to maintain a local presence, fulfill compliance obligations for resumption of critical business processes and protect your reputation in high-stakes situations.

Solution information

  • Generator and climate control
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Prewiring for voice and data
  • Rentsys Recovery transport, setup, and support
  • Rapid nationwide delivery
  • Multisite coverage
  • DirecTV news and weather
  • No special permits/travel restrictions
  • Flexible testing schedule

Mobile Recovery Center Distribution Locations
MRC Distribution Locations


Each MRC configuration has the ability to connect to the client’s site wirelessly, via satellite or through a hardwired hitching post. Three downlink locations enable us to use a different location if one is impacted by weather or other outages.

MRC configurations

Every company has unique recovery needs. We serve a wide variety of businesses, including organizations in the healthcare, financial, banking and energy industries. MRCs can be configured to meet your specific recovery requirements, helping to successfully restore your company during any disruption.

Mobile Banking Center

Mobile Banking Center floorplan

Our Mobile Banking Center allows you to adhere to FFIEC alternate workspace guidelines while giving customers access to a convenient, safe branch location. It features teller stations, private offices, conference space and a waiting room. A Securitas monitoring option is also available.
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Mobile Credit Union

Mobile Credit Union

Our Mobile Credit Union enables you to provide your customers with easy access to their finances locally. This configuration includes teller stations, private offices, conference space and a waiting room. Optional security features are available as well.
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Mobile Call/Contact Center

Mobile Call/Contact Center

Our Mobile Call/Contact Center helps you maintain critical connections with your customers. It builds upon our Mobile Workspace layout by incorporating specialized call center technology. It includes reliable automatic call distribution (ACD) services and workstations equipped with call center technology.
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Mobile Claims Office

Mobile Claims Office floorplan

Our Mobile Claims Office allows you to handle claims efficiently. This configuration includes a lobby with customer seating, 12 back-office seats, two receptionist seats and a private office.
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Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Center floorplan

Our Mobile Command Center allows your business to establish a command center at the location of your choice, depending on the nature of the incident and the area affected.
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Mobile Crisis Management Center

Mobile Claims Office floorplan

Our Mobile Crisis Management Center is designed to help you manage a crisis while establishing a visible presence in your community. Delivered with signage branded for your company, it features a layout with 32 chairs, a podium and a private conference room.
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Mobile Hot Site

Mobile Data Center Hot Site floorplan

With our Mobile Hot Site, you can restore your data at the location of your choice. The Mobile Hot Site comes equipped with air conditioning, generator power, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the technology required to successfully recover critical applications and server farms.
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Mobile Workspace

Mobile Workspace floorplan

Our Mobile Workspace solution allows you to reduce or elimate relocation expenses, concentrate on recovering your business locally and minimize downtime.
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