Mobile Credit Union

After a disaster, it’s vital that credit union members have access to their money in order to complete the financial transactions necessary for their personal recoveries. Residents may be unable to travel to an alternate branch, especially if they’re a member of a small to medium credit union with limited branch locations. But customer retention isn’t the only issue at play — if a regional credit union branch is unavailable, the local economy will suffer.

Our Mobile Credit Union enables you to provide your customers with easy access to their finances locally. By limiting downtime even in the face of adversity, you demonstrate your commitment to your customers and the broader community as well.

  • Cash and coin vault
  • Three teller stations with undercounter drawers
  • Lobby/waiting area
  • Offices, workstations and conference area
  • On-site voice over IP (VoIP) phone system
  • HP LaserJet printer
  • Alarm system*
  • Holdup monitoring*
  • Video surveillance*
  • Onboard Diebold safe*


Mobile Claims Office

Other configurations
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