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When a business disturbance or a disaster occurs, it is important that you stay apprised of the situation, keep your employees informed and maintain contact with your customer base. To effectively manage a potential crisis, we recommend creating a business continuity plan that addresses the following questions.

  • HOW will you keep track of all your employees, vendors and auditors?
  • WHERE can your management team meet to share information and make crucial decisions?
  • WHO will maintain a local presence in the community?

Our Mobile Command Center allows you to manage your recovery locally. Its user workstations include office technology and data and voice connectivity to help your employees communicate with each other and with your customers. The Mobile Command Center can be deployed to multiple sites and includes internal services for transport, setup and support.


  • Meeting space to analyze your business needs in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Local deployment near disaster area to ensure appropriate and effective management.
  • Available for short or long term use, able to accommodate small or large groups.
  • A visible sign of your forethought and determination to secure your company's future.

Features and Floor Plan

Every company has unique recovery needs. Our Mobile Command Center has a floor plan that is configured to meet your executive command requirements. All of our services are fully testable.


  • Office environment
  • Plasma monitors
  • Conference table and chairs


  • Workspace seats for critical staff
  • Whiteboard
  • Wireless access for laptops

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Rentsys Recovery Services provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. We offer professional planning services along with fully customizable and testable solutions which include communications recovery, mobile recovery, quickship technology, colocation, managed data and cloud services and business recovery centers. These solutions can be combined to provide organizations with the ability to fully maintain regular business functions during a disaster.

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