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A disaster can strike at any time, leaving a community or even an entire region devastated. If your customers are unable to file claims and receive the aid they need, they will not only lose confidence in you as their insurance provider, but they will take their business elsewhere, jeopardizing the financial survival of your company.

You should use the following questions to determine whether your insurance company has an adequate business continuity plan.

  • HOW important is it for your company to maintain a local presence after a disaster?
  • WHO will be there to answer phone lines and serve your customers?
  • WHERE will your staff coordinate efforts to file or process claims?

Our Mobile Claims Office gives your insurance company the opportunity to set up a local, secure operation. Your customers will have the ability to file claims at a location close to their homes, and adjusters can handle claims in the most efficient and accommodating means possible. A seamless recovery means that insurance companies can meet the needs of their customers, even in times of crisis.

Features and floor plan

Every company has unique recovery needs. Our Mobile Banking Center has a floor plan that is configured to meet your banking requirements. All of our services are fully testable.

  • Lobby with customer seating
  • Comfortable seating for customers
  • Receptionist area
  • Private office
  • Back-office workspace
  • ADA-compliant wheelchair lift
Other configurations
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