Mobile claims office

A disaster can strike at any time, leaving a community or even an entire region devastated. If policyholders are unable to file claims with their insurance company and receive the aid they need, they’ll lose confidence in their provider and take their business elsewhere. Failing to be available to customers in times of crisis will directly impact your reputation, which in turn jeopardizes your future success.

Our Mobile Claims Office gives you the opportunity to establish a local, secure presence in each affected community. Your customers will have the ability to file claims at a location close to their homes, and adjusters can handle claims in the most efficient and accommodating means possible.

  • Lobby with customer seating
  • 12 back-office seats
  • Two receptionist seats
  • Private office
  • Wheelchair lift
  • On-site voice over IP (VoIP) phone system
  • HP LaserJet printer

Mobile Claims Office

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