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After a disaster it is vital that your customers have access to their money in order to complete the financial transactions necessary for their personal recoveries. Residents may be unable to travel to an alternate branch, so if your regional bank branches are unavailable, local economies will suffer.

Our Mobile Banking Center enables you to provide your customers easy access to their finances locally. If you own a small- to medium-sized bank, you will especially benefit from this solution, as your business can be particularly vulnerable following a disaster due to its limited number of branches.

Features and Floor Plan

Every company has unique recovery needs. Our Mobile Banking Center has a floor plan that is configured to meet your banking requirements. All of our services are fully testable.


  • Cash and coin vault
  • Teller stations with under-counter drawers
  • Lobby/waiting area
  • Offices, workstations and conference area

Security Features

  • Alarm system
  • Hold-up monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Diebold safe

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Rentsys Recovery Services provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. We offer professional planning services along with fully customizable and testable solutions which include communications recovery, mobile recovery, quickship technology, colocation, managed data and cloud services and business recovery centers. These solutions can be combined to provide organizations with the ability to fully maintain regular business functions during a disaster.

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