We recognize that businesses require a unique set of business continuity solutions depending on their industry. Our solutions can be tailored to the industry that your business is involved in.

Financial Markets


Many financial institutions are required to comply with national and state regulations designed to protect investors. These requirements are monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. To comply with these regulations, financial institutions must establish business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Read More

Healthcare Markets


Local communities depend upon the healthcare industry to meet their medical needs and to keep their confidential data secure. When preparing a disaster recovery plan, it is important for businesses within the healthcare industry to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. Read More

Resellers Markets


Anything as a service (XaaS) — and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) in particular — is the most common way to package cloud products now. With the DRaaS market being so saturated, you might question the value of including DRaaS in your solutions portfolio. When done the right way, however, selling DRaaS can actually open up lucrative revenue streams. Read More

Banking Markets


When a disaster occurs, it is particularly important for banks to have a business continuity plan to meet the high demand for their services. To ensure that they meet national certifications and state regulatory requirements that focus on business and technological recovery, companies within the banking industry must carefully assess their disaster recovery needs. Read More

Energy Markets


Business continuity planning is critical for companies within the energy industry because their customers have such a high level of dependence on power to run their businesses. How quickly an energy company can restore its daily operations usually determines the length of recovery time for the rest of the community. Read More

Other Markets


No matter what industry a business is in, management should evaluate the company’s recovery time objectives (RTOs) and make sure that it contracts recovery solutions that can have the business up and running again within those RTOs. The plan should provide for a way to recover and access data, reduce downtime and re-establish business communications. Read More

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