Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Whether you’re looking to better manage your IT costs, accommodate various workloads or achieve a redundant environment, our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution allows you to create cost-effective and easily scalable cloud and IT infrastructure solutions to meet your organization’s needs. We’ll handle the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware.

Deployment Model Options

  • Enterprise infrastructure — As your business expands, you can scale your infrastructure through internal business networks, such as private clouds and virtual local area networks, which utilize pooled server and networking resources and run the applications you need to operate day to day. A private cloud, which is only accessible to your business, can protect the storage and transfer of sensitive data your business is required to handle.
  • Cloud hosting — Websites hosted in the cloud can benefit from the redundancy provided by a vast network of physical servers and on-demand scalability to deal with unexpected demands placed on the website. The virtual servers hosting the websites are founded upon pooled resources from underlying physical servers.
  • Virtual data centers — This model consists of virtual servers that can create enhanced cloud hosting capabilities, enterprise IT infrastructure or integration between these operations.


  • Enables dynamic scaling
  • Requires no hardware investment
  • Bases cost on usage
  • Includes virtualized desktops
  • Provides physically secure data center locations
  • Has no single point of failure

How it works

Infrastructure as a Service

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