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Local communities depend upon your healthcare organization to meet their medical needs and to keep their confidential data secure. When preparing a disaster recovery plan, it is important for your businesses to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

To comply with HIPAA regulations, you must have disaster recovery plans that provide the ability to recover and access data while protecting the security of your patients’ electronic health records in the event of a business disturbance. The implementation of a data storage and retrieval plan in conjunction with the preparation of disaster recovery procedures allows you, as a healthcare provider, to restore and secure patient data.

After a disaster, voice communication needs to be restored both internally and externally. Internal communication is vital to assess the damage to your business and to convey the actions that need to be taken toward recovery. To support the demands of the community, local calls need to be rerouted in order to update your patients’ relatives on their loved ones, address billing issues and redirect emergency patients to an alternate hospital.

A mobile or fixed-site recovery facility allows you to use a workspace with office technology. The ability to process paperwork and regroup with staff members is vital to regaining control of your daily operations. A Mobile Recovery Center (MRC) provides your employees with the option to work locally during the recovery process, as well as aid in the restoration of your organization.

We provide you with the business continuity solutions you need to back up and access your data, restore voice communications and continue your daily operations in a fully equipped workspace, while meeting HIPAA compliance regulations.

Are You Prepared For A Business Disruption?

Data Backup & Recovery

  • How will you restore and access patient data?
  • Is your health organization’s data being backed up securely?

We offer secure, private cloud solutions that give you ready access to your data while meeting compliance requirements.
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Network and Voice Recovery

  • How will calls be made if your voice network is down?
  • Who will the community contact if they cannot reach your health facility?

We provide multiple network and voice recovery solutions to help you establish internal communication and reroute incoming calls.
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Mobile Recovery Center

  • Will your business be able to meet its recovery time objectives during a business disturbance?
  • Are your employees willing to leave their own families behind after a disaster to relocate to a secondary office space?

We can bring an MRC to your desired location fully equipped with voice and data technology, restored backup information and office equipment in as little as 24 to 48 hours.
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Business Recovery Center

  • Where will your health facility continue daily administrative functions if your primary facility is destroyed?
  • Can your business afford to maintain a fixed-site location with up-to-date technology?

We offer three regional fixed-site Business Recovery Centers with fully equipped, ready-to-use temporary office space following a disaster declaration.
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  • Can you gain immediate access to backup technology to restore business processes?
  • Is your business confident that it can configure all the necessary hardware to restore data, voice communication and network connectivity?

We maintain the physical equipment necessary to restore your business processes, provide on-site support and deliver your required hardware in 24 hours or less.
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  • Do you have specific BC/DR plans in place?
  • Have you considered outsourcing the development and administration of your business continuity program?

Our professional planning services can help you meet your specific BC/DR objectives, whether they involve modernizing your current program, developing a new plan or meeting compliance requirements.
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