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According to the Strategic Research Institute, companies that are not able to resume operations within 10 days after a disaster are not likely to survive. After a disaster, your business could sustain significant financial and reputational damage if its recovery time objectives (RTOs) are not properly met.

When you are planning a business continuity strategy, you should focus on securing a recovery workspace to readily meet RTO requirements, or else risk negatively impacting your long-term business operations.

We accommodate three disaster recovery tiers within the following RTOs:

  • Tier 1: RTO of 0 to 4 hours
  • Tier 2: RTO of 24 hours
  • Tier 3: RTO of 48 hours

Business recovery solutions

We offer multiple fixed-site Business Recovery Center (BRC) solutions that address the immediate need to relocate employees to a workspace equipped with data and voice communications technology and office resources.

Whether you are looking to achieve a Tier 1 recovery or a Tier 3 recovery, our BRCs provide the hardware, support and workspace infrastructure necessary for your business to resume its daily operations. We can also facilitate testing at any time or at any activation level.

BRC locations

We have three regional BRC locations available for immediate access upon your business’s disaster declaration.

These facilities were built with our clients in mind and can be integrated with our other solutions to provide you with a complete business recovery.

Business recovery options

  • Colocation — Colocation rack space allows you to place your equipment directly into a secure and private cabinet inside our BRC. You can utilize this service to handle Tier 1 RTOs.
  • Hot Site — Our hot site solution is designed for Tier 2 applications that require RTOs of less than 24 hours but not an immediate switch to a redundant server or network. This solution will allow you to continue computer and network operations.
  • Flex Rack Space — Flex Rack takes advantage of our large Quickship hardware inventory and logistics fleet, delivering predetermined equipment to a BRC in 24 hours. This solution addresses Tier 3 needs.
  • Workspace — Our BRCs offer workspace seats that have network and voice connectivity and are equipped with office technology, enabling your business to sustain its daily operations and meet Tier 1 needs.
  • Cloud Recovery — BlackCloud, our secure, private cloud solution, reduces risk of data loss and enables rapid data backup and recovery within a secure and flexible infrastructure. The solution is housed in a high-availability, world-class data center and can handle Tier 1 RTOs.

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