BlackVault managed recovery

If one of your servers fails or employees aren’t able to access their primary environment, you need the ability to restore your critical data and applications. Using secure, private cloud technology, BlackVault Managed Recovery services provide protection for critical servers using the BlackVault Cloud and/or a local appliance.

The BlackVault architecture reduces risk of data loss and enables rapid data vaulting and recovery, providing protection within a secure and flexible infrastructure. It minimizes downtime through rapid recovery of business applications onto our cloud servers or a local BlackVault appliance.

Client data is encrypted, duplicated and compressed before transit to our remote vault with auxiliary power supplies, powerful computers and monitored security. The secure BlackVault technology makes customer data accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

At your request, we’ll help you set up and test environments so you’ll be confident that the system will work when you need it.


  • Helps meet regulatory obligations
  • Encrypts data in transit and at rest
  • Eliminates excess on-premise infrastructure
  • Provides redundant data elimination and data compression
  • Offers remote access to data and virtual or physical infrastructure
  • Provides full management and automated replication of key servers
  • Enables rapid recovery of protected servers with RTOs of 4-24+ hours
  • Includes annual recovery testing
  • Supports physical servers and a variety of virtual server platforms

How It Works

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